Frequently Asked Questions

How we work

Our main offices are in New York City, USA but we are a global and fully remote team. Most of our team members in the US and concentrated in the east coast but we have other team members throughout the USA and cities in Europe.

Our official business hours are 8am – 4pm EST, meaning the majority of the team is available throughout those times. But we work in multiple timezones and cover European bloggers as well.

Can we work together?

We prefer working with established bloggers who already has content and their branding in place and help them grow their business.

But we helped many bloggers with clear vision and initial time investment from them to create a new blog from ground up.

If you have one, that’s great! If not, we will help you through that process.

We work exclusively with Hosted sites. sites are self-hosted websites, which means you are in full ownership and control of your website and its database, stored in a hosting service you pay for separately.  Most hosting providers comes with WordPress installers that reduces the technical work needed, so in most cases you can create a hosted wordpress site minutes after buying a domain.

We only work with hosted (or partially managed hosted) wordpress sites. sites are fully managed, which means they are limited in many aspects to get under the hood to make custom changes or provide full technical support. That’s why we don’t work with sites.

We can help you with migrating to a site hosting of your choice or we can provide the hosting as well. Let’s talk…

There are many powerful and complex frameworks out there. We can work with various well known WordPress based frameworks. Let’s talk and help us to understand more about your current site’s technology stack to see if we can help.

No, your site will continue to be hosted in your current server.

If you are not happy with your current hosting provider or have issues, we’re happy to help you to migrate to another or we can provide hosting service as well.

As long as your site is on hosted WordPress and your main focus is your content! 

E-commerce is a big world regardless of it is built on top of WordPress ecosystem. We are experienced to work with various e-commerce systems.

Services, we'll help you with;

Definitely! Tech support is our core service for all packages. We provide different monthly availability/bandwidth for your technical tasks. See memberships page for details on each plan.

We can set up proper SEO tools for your blog, help you understand and master SEO best practices that you can put to use on your day to day to produce more SEO friendly content.

Our work focuses mainly on your site and making it the cornerstone of your digital presence.

Marketing services are considered case-by-case basis. Let’s talk.

Redesign is not included in the Start and Grow memberships.

We provide custom technical and design services with VIP plan.

But we can discuss one-off redesign project as part of a Start or Grow plan. Let’s talk.

Yes, we can make design tweaks (i.e. improve already-existing feature). These small design tweaks are part of your monthly task credit.

We provide different monthly availability/bandwidth for your technical tasks. See memberships page for details on each plan.

If you’re interested in brand new features, the full redesign of it or feature extensions, you may require higher design or technical service allocation. Let’s talk.

If your current site is partially mobile friendly and needs tweaks and fixes to make it fully compatible, we can do these tweaks as part of your monthly task allocation.

If your current site/theme is not mobile compatible at all, you may need higher task bandwidth. We may need to scope this out. Let’s talk.

Yes, your content’s safety (and your peace of mind) are key for us, so on all our membership tiers we run secure off-site daily backups of your website and monitor its up and down times.

Memberships, Getting Started

From the initial kick off strategy meeting to launching your new blog, the average project takes about 4 weeks complete. Depending on the design and functionality needs that your blog has, your project can take as little as 2 weeks and up to 8 weeks.

Our speed generally is tied to what we’ll need from you. If there is a hold up on your end with the content/assets or approvals to move to the next step, then your project will probably take longer to complete than you or us want it to.

The difference is the strategic focus of the Grow & VIP tiers with an appointed Creawit Consultant, versus the email-only proactive service on Start. All our membership tiers include tech support, daily backups and monitoring, so we keep your website running smooth! You can see the full breakdown of specs for each tier in memberships page.

You can join our membership on the Start or Grow tier directly from membership page! Shortly after completing your application you will receive a hello from the onboarding team, who will also need to get your site details. As soon as we’re fully set up (including running daily backups and monitoring of your site) our ongoing work begins!

Unfortunately our memberships don’t have a roll-on nature. If you need help making the most out of your membership on a regular basis, we’re here to help! You can reach out from contact page.

If you’re a Start member having tech issues please email the support team; if you’re a Grow or VIP member you can reach out directly to your Creawit Consultant.


All memberships have a minimum subscription period of 3 months.

You’ll need to give us 30 days notice. The cancellation will take effect following the 30 day notice period.

You will be billed monthly automatically via Paypal or Stripe. Your renewal date shall be the date on which you sign up.

We will charge you for any outstanding amount remaining on the unexpired period of your minimum subscription period term (subject to your subscription and/or offer terms).

Our tech team is continuously monitoring your site and making sure everything runs smooth even if there is no tasks you request our team to tackle. Our service includes a monthly service aside of the tasks structure, therefore all monthly subscriptions are non-refundable.

Other Inquiries

Send us a message with your introduction and relevant information about your past experience and work from contact page and let’s talk.

Do you need technical help on your blog?

We’re experienced designer and developers who can help you bring your ideas into life.